Charlotte Flair Defeats Sonya Deville to Retain WWE SmackDown Women's Title

After weaseling her way into a match with Charlotte Flair, it was time for Sonya Deville to back up all the talk and backstage attacks on tonight's WWE SmackDown. The SmackDown Women's Championship was on the line, and Deville was focused on taking Flair's newly won prize. Flair got off to a hot start but Deville came back and pulled out all the stops to keep Flair down, and she consistently went for Flair's finisher. Flair was able to reverse it every time though, and she would ultimately use the Figure-Four and the bridge to a Figure-Eight to make Deville tap, retaining her SmackDown Women's Championship.

They circled for a bit and then locked up, and Flair knocked the challenger down with a shoulder tackle. Flair taunted a bit and then Flair took her down and went for the cover but she kicked out. Flair wrenched her arm and wrist but Deville reversed the hold, though Flair evaded the turnbuckle and hit a crossbody press on Deville and went for a cover, but she kicked out.

Flair missed a move but still found a way to punch Deville, though Deville slammed the Champ down on the mat. Deville capitalized and locked Flair down on the mat, keeping her grounded, but Flair came back with punches to the head. Deville went to throw Flair into the corner but Flair reversed it only to eat a kick to the knee. Flair dodged a charge and came back with clotheslines and chops.

Flair continued to attack but Deville bought some space and hit a punt kick into a cover but Flair kicked out. Flair came right back but missed a boot to the head and Deville countered with a kick to the knee again. Deville hit a huge knee strike from the turnbuckle into a cover attempt but Flair kicked out.

Deville went for a Figure-Four but Flair reversed the move into a roll-up, though Deville kicked out. Flair came back and hit a clothesline on the challenger into a pin attempt, but Deville kicked out. Flair went up top and hit the moonsault but Deville got her feet up and rolled up Flair using the ropes, but the Champ kicked out.

Deville went for the Figure-Four again but Flair countered. She also countered a Sunset Flip and then connected the Figure-Four and bridged into the Figure-Eight for the tap-out and the win. Flair retained the SmackDown Women's Championship.

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