Chris Jericho Goes After Brock Lesnar, Sends Warning to WWE in Pair of Tweets

Now that Chris Jericho has aligned himself with All Elite Wrestling, he has little reservations about keeping real about his old WWE home. And in the hours after the Royal Rumble, he targeted Brock Lesnar for insults, while declaring AEW is targeting WWE talent.

We're not sure what sparked Jericho's Twitter diatribe, but there was something about Lesnar's belly that Y2J felt needed to be said.

"Intimidation and fear goes a LONG way in our business guys. But let's be honest, @BrockLesnar needs to pull up his pants and lose the gut... the dream is over dude. I don't play by the script... @wwe @AEWrestling," he wrote.

Jericho's second eyebrow-raising post came when he warned that AEW was eyeing s handful of WWE Superstars as well as talent from ROH and Impact.

"Hey @wwe, @ringofhonor & @IMPACTWRESTLING ... I love watching you push all your randoms, But just know that we are interested in maybe 6-8 of your talents total. We don't need you! @AEWrestling," tweeted Jericho.

It's hard to say what Jericho's end game is here, but Y2J has always been a man of ulterior motives. At minimum, these tweets will fire up speculation on who AEW could be trying to snag from WWE. Considering the disparity in size we can't call this war, but WWE is well-aware of AEW's existence, even being preoccupied enough to make fans remove their AEW gear at the Royal Rumble.

But as cantankerous as Jericho appears in these tweets, Jericho made sure to get Vince McMahon's blessing before he signed with AEW. In an interview with Busted Open Radio, Jericho explained his decision-making process.

"A lot of that stuff is private but I did have a very amicable conversation with him. He knew what I was doing it wasn't a surprise. I didn't just show up in Jacksonville and that was it. The bottom line is the Khan family isn't messing around. They want to make a go at this and you know they have a lot of money and they have a lot of capital," he said.

Jericho went on to say that by him joining AEW, it should instantly gratify any wrestler hoping to make the jump. To Jericho, his presence instantly makes AEW legitimate.

"That's another thing that I was going to say," mentioned Jericho, "By me joining the company, fans and wrestlers most importantly go, 'Holy sh--, this is the real deal. If Jericho went there, this is real.' Because a lot of people don't know Kenny [Omega], or Cody [Rhodes], or The Bucks. We know them, but your average fan doesn't, and your guy that's in the WWE making a decent living, but thinks they can do better, now knows that, 'Wow, Jericho can go there, I can go there too.'"