CM Punk Reveals What A WWE Return Offer Would Need To Be

The rumor mill has been churning of late as it relates to a possible CM Punk return to professional wrestling, and the former WWE Champion recently took part in a Reddit AMA where he was asked about what it would take to bring him back.

Specifically, Punk was asked about a return to WWE. The user wrote, "Hey Phil, This is an AMA so im gonna be that guy, I apologize in advance; is a WWE Return ever possible?"

Punk responded by stating, "Oh of course i'm going to get asked that, no need to apologize! It'd have to be a very big bag." Of course, he's referring to a major pay day.

That was the only specific wrestling question that Punk answered during the AMA. At one point, a user asked him what his plans were for 2020, to which Punk responded, "Wake up, Kiss my gorgeous wife, kiss Larry (not in that order), train hard, do a few movies, write a few stories, and watch a lot of hockey."

The AMA was surrounding the release of Girl On The Third Floor on October 25th, Punk's first major starring role in a film. The film has so far received good reviews from at least one site that compiles critical rankings, with it earning an 87% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film has a 6.1/10 rating on IMDB so far.


It was reported several weeks ago that Punk had recently auditioned for a role on WWE's new WWE Backstage show on FS1. That show saw a special preview episode this past week but will begin airing weekly in early November. There's currently no news on if Punk has been offered or signed on for a role with the show, which is being produced by FOX rather than WWE.

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