Dana Brooke Channels Dave Bautista During WWE SmackDown

It's no secret that Dave Bautista and WWE's Dana Brooke have had a very public courting over social media of late.

Brooke took their flirting to the next level during Friday night's edition of WWE SmackDown when she used Bautista's former finishing move, the Batista Bomb, during a match-up with Bayley.

Check out the footage below.

Bayley and Brooke wrestled following a backstage segment between Elias and Bayley. Elias sang a rather insulting song to Bayley, while Brooke looked on laughing. Bayley responded by calling her a "groupie" and challenged her to the match.

In the end, SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley was victorious. She also responded later to Brooke's tweet.


Big Dave had a response queued up a little later in the night.