Daniel Bryan Discusses the Realities of Battling WWE's 'Creative Machine'

Every WWE Superstar wants the ultimate WrestleMania moment of closing the show as a newly crowned [...]

Every WWE Superstar wants the ultimate WrestleMania moment of closing the show as a newly crowned Champion. Despite the effort of dozens of wrestlers, that elite spot is only reserved for one person a year.

And Daniel Bryan knows that results are out of his control.

In an interview with IGN, Bryan discussed the creative process behind WWE's curtain. Regardless of wherever he envisions himself, where he lands on the card is ultimately not up to him. So instead of focusing on things he cannot control, Bryan is obsessed with perfecting the craft of professional wrestling.

"So they're not along the lines of 'Okay, time to main event WrestleMania 35!' It's not stuff like that. Creating goals like that are very difficult in WWE and can often leave you disappointed because you don't have control over a lot of things. The one thing I do have control over is my performance," he said.

So how does Bryan navigate the WWE ladder? Well, he simply hones in on making himself better.

And so I have artistic goals I'm trying to reach and places I'd like to go with my wrestling and my character. And even that sometimes is going up against the creative machine and what they want for you vs. what you want for yourself. That's a constant whirlwind and back-and-forth trade off and whatnot. So I do have those types of goals but they're not main eventing WrestleMania or winning the Rumble or things you don't have any say in," he said.

Instead of preoccupying himself with resume padding goals, Bryan may spend his energy working in in-ring tactics or perfecting the timing of a promo. But as Bryan hones the little things, fans and WWE officials will notice, and success will soon follow. So as long as Bryan focusing on staying healthy and improving the opportunities will come his way.

So fans have been impatient with Bryans' return to the ring. After missing three-years due to a series of concussions, Bryan made a near-miraculous return at WrestleMania 34, However since that big moment, Bryan has been kept in SmackDown's mid-card, a circumstance some of his fans are bitter about.

However, Bryan has climbed back into WWE brighter lights with his SummerSlam feud with long-time rival, The Miz. In what may be the match of the night, Bryan will have his biggest moment since Wrestlemania 34, win or lose. Regardless of the result, we'll guess Bryan does find his way back into the WWE Championship picture, however that may not be until 2019.