Dave Bautista Says Nothing Will Convince Him to Return to WWE

If you're looking to see another Batista Bomb, don't expect a happy ending when you look at Dave Bautista to say, "Give me what I want." In fact, that phrase might be among the last Dave Bautista speaks into a WWE microphone, as the wrestler turned actor is committing himself to never returning to a wrestling career. Bautista rose to Hollywood fame with his role in Guardians of the Galaxy and will soon appear in Army of the Dead, prompting him to join Justice Con over the weekend. The virtual convention celebrated the work of Zack Snyder but had a panel for Bautista as he stars in the Snyder's upcoming zombie thriller on Netfix. During the panel, he promised he will never go back to WWE.

During the panel, Justice Con host Enosh Fee suggested that a post-vaccination life could have Bautista dropping Batista Bombs again. Though he made the remark in jest, Bautista took the opportunity to reaffirm his retirement from wrestling. "Don't put that out there man," Bautista said with a laugh. "People will jump on that and be like, 'He's comin' out of retirement!' I'm not."

Bautista went on: "It's s hard to convince people that I'm actually retired. You have no idea how tough that discussion is. When professional wrestlers retire, they don't really retire. They kind of retire. But, you know, when the paycheck's big enough or the event's big enough, they come out of retirement. it's just not that way with me. I exited the business in such a storybook way, I'd never go back. I would never take away from that. I am just done, man. I really got to finish on my own terms and nothing is going to take away from that."

Fans of Bautista have plenty of his work to look forward to, though. The actor has Army of the Dead on the way in May and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is getting to work later this year for an unknown release date. Bautista is particularly excited for people to see Army of the Dead, especially its ending.


"I've seen it like five times already. I'm not kidding," Bautista said of Army of the Dead during a panel at Justice Con over the weekend. "I don't wanna have you go in with super high expectations but you should. There's something about the end of this film that I'm absolutely obsessed with. It just... When you see it you'll see what I mean. I can't wait to hear everyone's feedback. I just love the end of this film. I love it." The full Justice Con panel is available on YouTube.

Although it won't happen, if you could see Bautista wrestle one more time in an event like The Rock vs. Hogan at WrestleMania, who would you like to see him wrestle? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!