Edge Explains Flaw in Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley Characters

Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns had a great main event this past Monday night on RAW. The match ended with Reigns winning and earning a title shot against Brock Lesnar, to the surprise of almost nobody, but the match itself was nearly universally praised by fans and critics alike. The fans in Cincinnati seemed to love it.

However, this week on his podcast with Christian, WWE Hall of Famer Edge had one big criticism of the match and the characters of both Reigns and Lashley in general. It wasn't so much a criticism of the one particular match as it was a noted flaw in both men's characters and presentation in general.

"When he sets up for anything I don't believe it," Edge explained. "When I look at him -- wow. Then I look at his face and I don't buy it. I know that sounds like a knock and Bobby's a great guy but that to me, has always been the missing ingredient. It's just that level of, 'mmm I don't really feel like you want to tear this person's head off. That's also the knock on Reigns sometimes too."

It should be noted that Christian was very positive about the match two had, but Edge's comments echo many of the same sentiments that others have had over the years. Lashley, despite being a beast of a man, has always had issues with looking mean and Reigns has often been criticized for his demeanor in the ring as well.

During his tenure with WWE, Edge was always one of the most expressive characters on the roster, so his criticism certainly holds weight. Whether it was his days during the Brood, coming through the crowd to "You Think You Know Me," or holding live sex celebrations on RAW with Lita, Edge really knew how to stand out as a character. He's a critic here with the experience to back it up.


Following the loss to Reigns, Lashley appears to lack direction heading into SummerSlam. However, given the sizeable push he has received since returning after WrestleMania, the company will likely dial up something important for him at the second biggest show of the year. His win over Reigns at Extreme Rules would seem to point to an eventual Universal title challenge, assuming Reigns finally becames champion in the coming months.