Finn Balor Injured At SummerSlam During Match

(Photo: WWE)

While the Demon King rules Monday Night Raw with the newly won Universal Championship, that could change later this week, or even tonight.

WWE is reported that Balor was injured last night during his match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam last night and doctors are checking out the severity of the injury to his shoulder to make sure nothing requires surgery. Finn was seen earlier with his arm in sling.

"He hit the wall during the match, dislocated his shoulder and was able to put it back in himself in a split second," said ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson.Bálor was able to finish the match, but Dr. Robinson noted that anMRI earlier today showed "a possiblelabrum tear." The labrum is the cup-shaped rim of cartilage that lines and reinforces the ball and socket joint of the shoulder.

It should be noted that back in June, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart discussed Rollins' style and that he found him to be reckless in the ring and could potentially hurt other guys as well, which Rollins took pretty hard considering that he sees the Excellence of Execution as an idol.


Hopefully we'll find out sooner than later if Finn is able to continue is reign or if the Universal Championship will find another waist to sit upon.