Watch: Goldberg Reflects on His Infamous WCW Limousine Window-Smashing Incident

Ahead of Goldberg's appearance on the next episode of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions, WWE released a brief clip of the episode on Sunday afternoon that showed the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion reflecting on one of his most infamous moments with the company. During a segment on a December 1999 episode of Thunder, Goldberg was shown backstage attacking a limousine that belonged to the New World Order and began smashing it with a metal pipe. He was instructed to keep breaking the car's windows with the pipe, but instead he chose to drop the pipe midway through and smash through one of the window's with his own arm. A piece of broken glass cut an artery in his arm causing him to bleed, which led to an infamous shot of him slamming his arms down on the hood and causing blood to spurt everywhere.

The WWE Hall of Famer had to be rushed to the hospital and nearly lost his forearm as a result of the injury. The stunt caused WCW to scrap the plans they had for Goldberg while he took time off to recover (which took about five months). At the time he was chastised for being reckless with the stunt, and it's now looked back as one of a long line of bad decisions made on WCW television before the promotion's demise in 2001.

"You know, I mean, some things I may have taken personally," Goldberg said when asked about the moment. "I made poor judgement 'cause I was mad, and as opposed to grabbing a sledgehammer, I figured I'd use my own sledgehammer and just show how violently [I can hit]. Well, that was smart."

"Then I'm like, 'Ok this is live TV and I'm gonna hit it again.' And I hit it and go through it like a cheese grater, and I look down and I'm like, 'Oh, this is nice,'" he said sarcastically. "Live TV, grab my hand, white limousine, go to the front. Great video, great great shock. Boom! Blood everywhere. I just, I went nuts."

Goldberg had previously admitted in interviews that he was dealing with anger issues and was particularly mad at Scott Hall that night, leading to his sudden burst of rage.