Help Xavier Woods Create Austin Creed For WWE 2K17

WWE Tag Team Champion Champion Xavier Woods is calling upon UpUpDownDown fans to create Austin Creed characters for the WWE 2K17 video game as he takes on the MyCareer mode.

In the video posted to his video game themed youtube channel, Woods, real name Austin Creed, talks about how while it's true that Xavier Woods is in the game, his online and true persona Austin Creed is not. He's asking fans to come up with their own Austin Creed Create-A-Superstar and upload it to the game's network. He also encourages fans to go as wild and original as possible.

"Xavier Woods is in the game, but Austin Creed is not," he explained in the video, though he did joke that "both are really jacked."

"Make Austin Creed however you want," he said. "Whether he's Austin Creed in space, Austin Creed with an UpUpDownDown shirt on, Austin Creed at Mardi Gras... something, anything, any form of Austin Creed!" He tells fans to show off their creations and shout out to him on Twitter using the apt hashtag of #AustinCreed.

"I'll look through all the creations, pick the one I like most and then I'll put it in MyCareer and I'll play some games!"

Earlier this year, we spoke to Woods about what makes a great wrestling video game and he talked about the first time he didn't have to create himself and how surreal of a moment it was.

Creed is a known fanboy, with videos on his popular channel of him playing games with other WWE superstars, geeking out about the latest movie trailer, and usually with extremely positive slants. He's brought the geekiness to his in-ring person Woods, as well; his tag team The New Day entered Wrestlemania in Dragon Ball Z inspired Saiyan costumes, he's played the Final Fantasy "Fanfare" victory music on his trombone, and made references during promos. If you're looking for the geek champion, chances are Xavier Woods is your man.


UpUpDownDown is also doing a WWE 2K17 giveaway, so head to their Youtube page to find out how to enter.

WWE 2K17 is available in stores now.