Jade Cargill Retains AEW TBS Title but Has it Stolen by Nyla Rose at Battle of the Belts IV

AEW's Battle of the Belts IV kicked off with a major match for the All-Atlantic Championship, and then it was time for Jade Cargill to defend her TBS Championship against Willow Nightingale. Nightingale put up a valiant effort and defied the numbers advantage of The Baddies, but she couldn't quite overcome Cargill, who would pin her and retain her TBS Championship. That led to an unexpected appearance from Nyla Rose, who stole Cargill's Title and ran off with it. Cargill and the Baddies would follow her and attempt to track her down, but right now it seems Cargill will be without her Title for a while despite still being Champ.

Cargill pushed Willow back into the corner, and then they locked up again and Willow returned the favor. They locked up again and collided in a stalemate, but Cargill knocked Willow down to the mat and then hit a nasty uppercut in the corner. Willow came back with a Shotgun Dropkick and then hit with more strikes before delivering a slam and a cover, but Cargill kicked out.

Cargill halted her momentum with a back elbow but she evaded a move from Cargill and pushed her outside. Then she dove right into the Baddies but Cargill moved out of the way. She still ate a punch from Willow but then Cargill picked her up and slammed her face first into the steel steps.

Cargill taunted a bit and then applied a hold to Willow in the ring, but she was able to get to her feet only to get slammed back down. Cargill then applied another hold to ground her opponent, but Willow would eventually get to her feet and mount a comeback with big offense, including a slick move that sent Cargill crashing into the corner.

Willow delivered a chop and a cannonball and then connected with a dropkick from the top rope into a cover, but Cargill kicked out. Cargill missed with a big kick but she slammed Willow down and then slammed her down again for the pin and the win.

Cargill retained her TBS Championship but then Jackie Guerrero came out and disrupted things, allowing Nyla Rose to come and grab the TBS Championship Title and run away with it. Cargill looked visibly upset and gave chase, and now no one knows where the Title is.

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