Jason Jordan's Health Attached to Concerning Rumor

Jason Jordan's absence from WWE has fueled a series of speculative reports regarding his health [...]

Jason Jordan's absence from WWE has fueled a series of speculative reports regarding his health after February neck surgery. No one outside of WWE is sure how Jordan is healing but a new report suggests that Jordan could be facing career-ending circumstances.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter writes that not only has Jordan been present behind WWE curtain as of late but has been shadowing WWE producers backstage. This has lead to speculation that Jordan may be forced to transition from an in-ring talent to someone backstage wearing a headset.

We can't confirm if those are WWE's motives. Given that Jordan is a budding Superstar, he may be just trying to learn the intricacies of his craft rather than switching professions.

However, Matt Hardy was mentioned in the same report as a someone potentially being groomed to be a producer. For Hardy that makes sense giving his declining health and advanced age. Hardy's involvement seems like a natural progression, whereas Jordan's is enough to raise concern.

We'll hope that this story is exaggerated as Jordan poses one of the brighter futures in the company. In what was called a minimally invasive procedure, Jordan had a nerve issue fixed in his neck in February. Before his surgery, there were reports of him struggling with motor functions, specifically his grip. But as eyebrows continue to rise, Jordan's wife posted an update to Instagram the seemed to calm any hysterics.

"I will address this once...

Yes, 'Jason Jordan' is injured. I assure you everything you have seen online is 'Fake News!' He has a minor neck injury and will be back in no time! Although, I am very excited to have him home for a bit, I promise, I will help guide him to a speedy recovery! Thank you to everyone who reached out to check on him! He is very positive and already planning his comeback! In the meantime, just please keep sending Nathan and my good vibes!!" she wrote.

Unofficial timelines had Jordan returning shortly after WrestleMania, but that clearly was never WWE's plans. In late July, a story surface claiming that Jordan still was not cleared by WWE doctors. So, Friday's rumor seems to be another worrisome step in the progression. Hopefully, Jordan's setbacks are minimal and he can resume his career in healthy fashion. But until that happens, stories like these are beginning to paint an alarming picture.

We'll keep you posted on Jordan's situation. There isn't much concrete out there at the moment, so take all reports with the proverbial grain of salt.