Jeff Hardy Releases New EP On Black Friday

You can now add the sweet sounds of Brother Nero to your Black Friday shopping list. While most people think of former WWE world champion and current TNA superstar, Jeff Hardy as one of professional wrestling's greatest risk takers, there are some out there who also consider him to be an artist and musician. I've never personally met these people, but there are apparently enough of them that Hardy's bio on his wikipedia page is listed as "American professional wrestler, singer-songwriter, painter and musician."

Those hoping to camp out in front of a WalMart at 4am for a Jeff Hardy CD are sadly out of luck. The following statement was released about his upcoming album.

"Spawn of Me" Available Exclusively at

Nashville, TN (November 23, 2016) - Professional wrestler and singer/songwriter Jeff Hardy is set to release his new EP, entitled "Spawn of Me," on Black Friday (11/25). The EP will be Hardy's debut as a solo artist and will be sold exclusively on his newly launched webstore,

"Spawn of Me" will feature six songs produced by Dale Oliver (who has composed and performed music for TNA Wrestling for 15 years), Bobby Huff and Jaran Sorenson.

Known as "Brother Nero" in the wrestling ring, Hardy has also achieved success with his band PEROXWHY?GEN. He continues to deliver great entertainment to his fans all over the world.

While it's yet to be seen how Hardy's latest music pursuit will be received, he's currently having a renaissance in TNA as Brother Nero, the deranged and possessed brother of #BROKEN Matt Hardy. What started as one of the campiest stories in wrestling history, soon became ironically beloved by the internet wrestling community. Sadly, it is only Jeff Hardy performing on the CD and not Brother Nero.

Hardy taught himself how to play guitar and later purchased a drum set. In 2003, Hardy formed a band, Peroxwhy?gen (worst band name ever?), with members of the band Burnside 6 and Moore, who later left. He also converted a trailer into a recording studio. Their first album (marketed as a Jeff Hardy solo album, as if that were any better) Plurality of Worlds was released through TNA Music on November 7, 2013. Peroxwhy?Gen released their second album Within the Cygnus Rift on July 27, 2015.

If listening to Jeff Hardy's music isn't your cup of tea, which is totally understandable, you can also read some of his amazing poetry here.


Actually, don't waste your time. Just watch his epic performance in Final Deletion again and pretend none of this never happened.