Watch: Jinder Mahal Gets Angle Slammed Through Ric Flair's Birthday Cake

Ric Flair didn't get a chance to enjoy the birthday cake during his 70th birthday celebration on Monday Night Raw this week, but WWE still managed to have some with it after the show went off the air.

Moments after Flair was seen being dragged out of his dressing room by a returning Batista, Mahal made his way out to the ring with the Singh Brothers and claimed the party was now a Punjabi celebration. After the three briefly danced to The Great Khali's theme music, Shawn Michaels hit Mahal with Sweet Chin Music. Kurt Angle then snuck up behind him and nailed him with an Angle Slam right on top of the birthday cake.

Michaels and Angle then quickly dispatched of the Singh Brothers while Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Sting both watched in amusement.

Mahal lost a match to Angle earlier in the evening.

Raw was supposed to close out this week with the WWE Hall of Famers joining Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in celebrating "The Nature Boy's" 70th birthday. But after Flair failed to come out to the ring when his music hit, the feed cut to backstage where Batista was seen dragging a camera man up to Flair's dressing room. He then pulled an unconscious Flair out into the hallway and directed his attention at the camera.

"Hey Hunter, do I have your attention now? Huh?" Batista said.

This prompted Triple H to run backstage and check on Flair. Batista was nowhere to be found when he arrived.


Up until Monday night, the former World Heavyweight Champion hadn't been seen on WWE television since the Evolution reunion at the SmackDown 1000 special in October. During that segment he noted that Triple H had never beaten him, hinting at a WrestleMania match with "The Game" that Batista has been campaigning for in interviews for years.

Elsewhere on Raw Becky Lynch was arrested (in storyline) by Atlanta police after interfering in a tag team match between Ronda Rousey, Natalya and the Riott Squad. Rousey and Lynch briefly brawled before getting pulled apart, prompting Rousey to demand to speak to Vince McMahon. She was instead greeted by Stephanie, and said she demanded Lynch be reinstated and put back in the Raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania 35. McMahon refused, prompting Rousey to drop the title in the ring and walk out of the arena.