John Cena Unhappy With Goldberg's Return?

Goldberg's comeback has the entire WWE Universe buzzing. From his decimation of Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, to announcing that he would be participating in the 2017 Royal Rumble, the former WCW champion has looked far better in his 2016 return than his entire first run with the company. Apparently, one person not happy with Goldberg's return is the WWE's number one superstar, John Cena.

According to AllWrestlingnews, Cena is unhappy with Vince McMahon over Goldberg's return. The 15-time world champion, who is currently filming the second season of American Grit feels that his dedication to the WWE has been taken for granted.

Cena allegedly has nothing against the 49-year-old wrestler, but is unhappy with Goldberg and Lesnar being paid big money for a limited schedule.

Cena is still WWE's highest paid superstar at 9.5 mil per year, but the report pointed out that Goldberg and Lesnar (making 6 mil per year) are likely getting paid more per appearance. Does Cena have a legitimage gripe? He has carried the company for the last decade and earned every dollar he is paid. If he were to leave the company it is likely he could return and receive the same deal Goldberg and Lesnar have.

Cena is expected to be back at The Royal Rumble. Could these backstage frustrations leak over into the actual Rumble match? Would you like to see John Cena take on Goldberg?


More on this story as it develops.