Watch: John Cena to Unveil New Finisher Upon Return

Recent years have seen John Cena's "Attitude Adjustment" become increasingly ineffective. No matter how many he deploys, or which turnbuckle he climbs, an alarming number of wrestlers are kicking out of the once lethal move.

And he's ready to make a switch.

On Monday, Cena spoke with WWE and revealed that he has a new maneuver ready to unveil. The 16-time World Champion hinted at the moves Chinese roots but supplied no other details However he did mention that he plans to use for the first time at WWE's September 1 show in Shanghai, China.

Cena's quotes were fun to listen to as he reminded us how entertaining he can be. Toeing the line between kayfabe and reality, Cena admitted the AA just isn't what it used to be. Even more, the future WWE Hall of Famer candidly acknowledged a common complaint in that his move set is limited. So in an effort to please both hardcore and casual fans, as well as in more matches, Cena is choosing to evolve.

As of now that September 1 show is the next time we'll see the 41-year old action. There are a few rumors swirling that have him competing at SummerSlam on August 19, but right now we can only consider that to be speculation.

While it certainly appears Cena is phasing himself out of WWE, that may not be the case. Without question, Cena has never been less present in WWE than in 2018. However, he has remained steadfast in maintaining a lifelong commitment to Vince McMahon's company. So despite his wistful looks at the crowd and expanding Hollywood resume, don't give up on Cena being an integral part of WWE for a long time.

In late July, Cna hinted at joining the SmackDown brand when he does make his return to the company. Considering Raw is being built as Roman Reigns' show, and that Fox will want their SmackDown acquisition to have star power, Cena being used to carry the Blue Brand seems like a smart idea. Fox won't air SmackDown till the Fall of 2019, but by then, we could be in the middle of a John Cena's record-breaking 17th championship run.


In a recent interview with ESPN, Cena discussed his sporadic wrestling schedule but assured that WWE represents an unbreakable bond for him.

"I'm far from done with the WWE. The WWE will always be my home, but in this current state of affairs right now with all this extra cool stuff that's going on, it's fun to try. It's a great time to be able to take a chance and I'm so eternally grateful to the WWE and its audience for bringing me to this point. I realize I'd be nowhere without them and I never forget them. I promise as soon as I have any sort of downtime, like I had when I was at the Greatest Royal Rumble and the string of shows I did before WrestleMania, anytime free time I get will not be free, it will be spent at my home in the WWE," he said.