Kenny Omega Seemingly Responds to CM Punk's AEW All Out Comments

All parties involved in the AEW All Out backstage fight have held their digital breaths for over a week. CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks have all been relatively radio silent since the pay-per-view's press conference concluded, with the only activity being the Bucks regularly reposting Instagram Stories to their individual pages. Punk and Omega have been completely inactive on their platforms, with only Omega dropping the occasional like on some tweets. That changed earlier today, when Omega retweeted a new video of himself in Japan.

The video, shared by the HAOMING Clothing Brand account, features Omega fidgeting with a cash register before pretending to steal money from it.

While nothing more than a fun video on the surface, this footage actually reveals two things. 

For starters, it confirms that Omega is in Japan at the moment. Well before AEW All Out, Omega was scheduled to travel to the Far East to take part in the Tokyo Game Show convention, where he would promote the upcoming AEW: Fight Forever console video game. Omega still traveling for TGS, which is scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 15th, could indicate that he is currently on good terms with AEW.

On the other side of this noteworthy video, Omega messing with a cash register and jokingly stealing money from it could be seen as a response to CM Punk. Among the many explicit comments he made at his press conference, Punk specifically blasted Omega and the Bucks' abilities to perform their executive roles, claiming they "couldn't manage a Target."

"The fact that I have to sit up here because we have irresponsible people who call themselves EVPs and couldn't f--king manage a Target," Punk said during his presser. "And they spread lies and bulls--t and put into the media that I got somebody fired when I have f--k all to do with him."

In those comments, Punk claimed that Omega and the Bucks were the ones responsible for spreading rumors that Punk attempted to get Colt Cabana fired from AEW. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that AEW would not be renewing Cabana's contract when it expired. That ultimately proved to be false, as Cabana has remained under the AEW banner but will now reportedly spend most of his time in Ring of Honor.

Stay tuned to for updates on Omega's AEW status and his expected presentation at TGS.