Kenny Omega Responds To Will Ospreay Using The One-Winged Angel

IWGP United States Champion Will Ospreay continues to trade shots with AEW's Kenny Omega. Earlier this week, Ospreay shared a clip of a RevPro bout between himself and Mad Kurt, which culminated in the Commonwealth Kingpin nailing Kurt with Omega's One-Winged Angel finisher. Ospreay covered Kurt, who showed no signs of kicking out, but raised his hand himself to break the pinfall. The leader of the United Empire proceeded to sarcastically look shocked before laughing and winking at the camera. The clip caught the attention of Omega himself, who replied, "I don't get it. Also, pretty childish? Great execution, though."

It didn't take long for Ospreay to catch wind of Omega's words, where he responded by declaring "life's rule."

"Quite simple really," Ospreay wrote. "If you're a c--t to me, I can be a bigger one. That's just life's rule."

The bad blood between Omega and Ospreay dates back over three years. At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13, Ospreay defeated Omega's long-time tag partner Kota Ibushi with his hidden blade elbow strike. This particular maneuver concussed Ibushi, who was forced to exit the Tokyo Dome on a stretcher. Later that night, Omega would compete in his final New Japan match. According to Ospreay, Omega wanted Ibushi to be in his corner for his swan song, but his unexpected injury forced him to instead spend the night in the hospital.

Omega has never held back on his criticisms of Ospreay, recently calling him "great at moves" with a "list of 20 very forgettable five-star matches."

"A guy like Will, who is great at moves and has a list of 20 very forgettable five-star matches. [laughs] I'm going a little too hard on Will. Will is great. I don't want to say anything bad about Will," Omega said to Fightful last month. "I'm just saying that I think New Japan made the right choice by going with Jay White. He was the star of the two, is all I'm saying."

Ospreay since certified that Omega stepping in the ring with him would be a mistake.

"I will slap that boy and remind him, 'You're a f--king 40-year-old man and you're f--king fragile,'" Ospreay told Wrestle Inn. "'Do you really want to get with me? I will end you.'"

Regardless of the comedic nature, Mad Kurt is one of a very short list of people to kick out of the One-Winged Angel. When being performed by Omega, this one-handed electric chair driver has only been kicked out of by Ibushi, at a DDT show over ten years ago. Omega himself escaped the maneuver, as he recently kicked out of it at this past November's AEW Full Gear after "Hangman" Adam Page attempted to put Omega away with his own signature move.

Omega is currently recovering from numerous injuries while Ospreay is actively competing in NJPW's G1 Climax.