Lacey Evans Gets Into Twitter Feud With Drag Queen Jaymes Mansfield

Ever since she jumped to the main roster, Lacey Evans has made a habit out of getting into fights on social media with other members of the WWE women's division. But her latest war of words, which kicked off on Friday, was with popular drag queen Jaymes Mansfield.

The RuPaul's Drag Race star started the issue when she appeared in an interview on Ring The Belle and pointed out how Evans' hairstyles don't match the 1940s pinup look she's going for.

"My only gripe with Lacey Evans at this point in time, I feel like she is improving a lot, is would somebody please [on the] hairstyling team get this girl a roller set!," Mansfield said. "She's constantly mixing eras, a 40s dress with a 50s aesthetic. Give her some finger waves."

Evans tried to brush things off at first.

"Oh she's so mad," Mansfield wrote back.

Mansfield later pointed out that the tweet got a few angry responses from Evans' fans. Evans responded to that too.

"I don't have a 'fan base' sweetheart.... I have a bunch of nasties, that I don't know, who worry about what Im doing..... kinda like you. Dont get it twisted," she wrote.

But the feud wasn't over, as Mansfield returned to Twitter on Saturday while in a wrestling ring.

Then things started getting violent.

"I step off the plane to this nonsense. Someone tell this nasty I'll use my real hair to choke her and take hers home as a trophy," Evans tweeted.

"Miss thing my hair is human, somewhere in Russia there's a woman walking around bald....kinda like you if we have that match 💇‍♀️ #bundles," Mansfield wrote back.

Evans then reached out to Paul Heyman to try and get Mansfield cleared to compete in a wrestling ring, who had no problem with the idea.

"I step off the stage to this nonsense," Mansfield added. "Lacey Evens if we face off the only hair left on your head will be your mustache."


Whether or not this escalates to an actual match is entirely up to the WWE.