Luke Harper May Have The Strongest Twitter Game In The WWE

Many WWE Superstars are good follows on Twitter. All members of the New Day can be counted on for a hilarious tweet here and there. Kevin Owens is quick to shut down a Roman Reigns' fan and Dolph Ziggler is never one to shy away from dishing out his opinions. But the strongest Twitter game in the WWE just might belong to the strangest member of the Wyatt Family; Luke Harper. Harper's haunting and mysterious in-ring persona may only be rivaled by his cryptic twitter messages.

Here is what he tweeted out today:

Obviously, Harper is referring to Tuesday being the day that Smackdown LIVE airs on the USA Network, so yes, we do know what that means. But let's look at his only tweet from yesterday:

Even though Harper is no longer a member of RAW, he must mean that Mondays are for wrestling. They always have been. It was his only tweet for the day, so let's see what he had to say on Sunday:

I'm sensing a pattern here. Looking back further through Luke Harper's Twitter account, he's posted the same message EVERY SINGLE DAY since October 30th. One tweet a day.

"It's (insert day here). You know what that means."

Does Luke Harper grasp the deeper meaning of each day in a way mere mortals could never understand? Is his streak the Twitter equivalent of the Undertaker's undefeated Wrestlemania streak? Will anyone ever rival the Wyatt's dirty denim enforcer?

I stand corrected. Rusev may have the strongest twitter game in the WWE.


Who do you think is the undefeated champion of social media?

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