Matt Hardy Says Seth Rollins Should Be the 'Nucleus of WWE'

One of the quickest ways to get cool points as a wrestling fan is to say the Seth Rollins is the [...]

One of the quickest ways to get cool points as a wrestling fan is to say the Seth Rollins is the future of WWE. But Matt Hardy doesn't need the social capital and swears this to be the case anyway.

In an interview with SPN Action, Hardy was asked about WWE's upcoming class of talent. And to the Woken Warrior, there was only one name worth mentioning.

"Right now, the guy is already a big star, but I'm impressed with Seth Rollins. I think Seth Rollins is the guy that should be the nucleus of the WWE right now. They should build around him. Seth Rollins is the guy, right now," said Hardy.

Few would disagree with Hardy's opinion as 2018 has been Rollins best year as a WWE Superstar. Now fully embracing his new role as a babyface, Rollins is WWE's most popular male Superstar. And with Roman Reigns off to battle leukemia, Rollins may be the de facto future of the company.

However, right now, the list of potential Universal Champions is as long as it is hazy.

At the moment, it looks like Braun Strowman will be next in line to challenge Brock Lesnar for his big red belt. Regardless of how that match finishes, WWE will need to compose a WrestleMania match for their top title. We can assume that either Strowman or Lesnar will enter WM35 as Universal Champion, but their opponent will come from the potential field of Rollins, The Rock, Drew McIntyre, Dean Ambrose, or even John Cena.

Whoever is destined to challenge for the Universal Championship is likely to win the Royal Rumble in January. Depending on where things are with Ambrose, consider Rollins an early favorite to win the classic battle royal.

Before that can happen, Rollins will need a resolution with Ambrose at TLC. As WWE's sitting Intercontinental Champion, Rollins is unlikely to win the Rumble while holding gold. However if Ambrose beats him at TLC this Sunday, Rollins may be set for a big promotion into WWE's main event.

Regardless of how things shake out, WWE is keenly aware of how good Rollins actually is. But as of two months ago, Vince McMahon had plans to keep Roman Reigns atop the company for the next decade, seemingly keeping a cap on how high Rollins could fly. Now WWE needs a new leading man, and who knows, maybe Rollins is their top candidate. However, WWE is in a state of flux, and we won't know Rollins if the face of the company until it actually happens.