Matt Hardy Hints at Hardys Making Exit From WWE

Matt Hardy is one of the most conscious Twitter users in all of the internet. knowing that people watch his every message, the future WWE Hall of Famer just dropped a pair of clues regarding his future.

After he and Bray Wyatt lost their Raw Tag Team Championships to the B Team at Extreme Rules, Hardy wrote that is may be time for "US to move on."

"US" appeared to be a reference to he and Wyatt, but a tweet from Monday suggested that Hardy meant he and his younger brother, Jeff.

The caption-less image sparked fan narrative of The Hardys making an exit from WWE. Hardy has yet to add any elaboration, but he's likely to be basking in the ambiguity.

Sunday night was rough for both he and Jeff as they both lost their hard-earned WWE gold. Jeff Hardy, who is battling back issues, lost his US Championship in an unfair fashion to Shinsuke Nakamura. However, he's been awarded a rematch for Tuesday's episode of SmackDown.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt have also been given a rematch. They'll meet the B Team on next week's episode of Raw for the tag titles. Given both Hardys will receive another crack at their lost championships. there's not much room for them to be disgruntled employees.

So instead of fashioning up circumstances for the Hardys to make a departure, just keep an eye both of them.

It's unlikely Jeff wins back his US title from Nakamura on SmackDown — especially given the villainous presence of Randy Orton. Even more, Hardy's injury may have reached the point of him needing time away from the ring.

For Matt, he and Bray's partnership always seemed terminal and they might have reached their crossroads. Then again, WWE could double down on the Woken Warrior and have him add Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to his flock after another Ultimate Deletion match.

The only thing that is certain is that this is the Hardy's last run in WWE. No both in their 40's the future Hall of Famers have little left to accomplish in the ring and 2018 could foreseeably be their final year as active member of the WWE roster. Whenever they do decide to hang up their boots, they'll have capped off two of the most endearing careers in wrestling history. Regardless of who your favorite is, every wrestling fan on the planet has a good memory of Matt and Jeff Hardy.


Photo: WWE