The Feud Between Daniel Bryan and The Miz is Officially On

Following their loss to the Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules on Sunday night, The Miz took to the microphone during SmackDown Live on Tuesday evening to mock the end of Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan and Kane.

The entire segment served as a springboard to ignite the feud between Bryan and Miz that everyone has been waiting for.

Miz started the segment by coming down the aisle with pallbearers and Kane's mask. He gave a mock eulogy, mentioned that Kane and Bryan had always been poor friends, noted their previous break-up where Bryan was Tombstoned three times on to steel steps, and then turned his attention entirely to Bryan.

Miz ran down Bryan as being overrated, saying that he was never as good as everyone said he was. He mentioned his comeback being a disappointment and said that nobody has the courage to tell Bryan or his wife, Brie Bella, that Bryan's days of headlining WrestleMania are over.

It was really a tremendous segment that continued to show Miz as one of the best heels in the company (and maybe the entire wrestling business).

This all lead to Bryan's theme song coming on and Miz watching the ramp for his arrival. Instead, Bryan attacked him from behind as the pallbearers jumped in the ring to try and stop the fight.

Miz rolled to the outside and Bryan destroyed a couple of the pallbearers, ending the segment by looking on at The Miz from the ring.


This is just the start of what should up end up being tremendous build for a match between the two at SummerSlam. A Bryan vs. Miz has been anticipated ever since almost two years ago when the two began taking jabs at each other on Talking Smack. At that point, nobody thought we'd actually get a match between the two. Fast forward to 2018 and Bryan being cleared to perform and we're finally going to get that match, which has essentially been built for two years, at SummerSlam.