Mojo Rawley Reveals How Tom Brady Cost Him Gronk Match at WWE SummerSlam

It seemed like Mojo Rawley was on track for a big WWE program alongside friend and Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski at one time, but then circumstances changed and Gronkowski received an offer he couldn't say no to. At one point Rawley, who was speaking about the plans with The 10 Count, was set to be involved with the 24/7 Title, but then WWE scrapped that and switched plans to a program with Gronkowski at SummerSlam, and the storyline would carry through to Saudi Arabia. That never happened though because of Tom Brady, who decided to go for another Super Bowl run with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Gronk would then return to the football field for one more season.

Rawley said a SummerSlam match against Ground was definitely in the works early on. "The plan was to do a tag match with me and him at SummerSlam because it was in Boston that year," Rawley said. "Man, that would have been ridiculous!"

Rawley also said that teams that had been talked about as part of the storyline were The Miz and John Morrison as well as FTR, who were still with WWE and hadn't departed for AEW yet.

"From Boston, I think I was going to turn on him and I think we were going to have the one-on-one No DQ match in Saudi Arabia, where my dad's whole side of the family lives," Rawley said. He also added that he would have beaten Gronkowski in New England Patriots country, and then Gronk would get the win in the following event in Saudi Arabia. "I thought that was gonna be dope," Rawley said.

Then Brady decided to go for another ring and left his longtime home of the New England Patriots for Tampa Bay, and Rawley reveals he was actually with him when he go the initial text from Brady, as they were hanging out before an episode of SmackDown. As for the offer, it would have been insane to turn that money down.

"Rob had, I believe, $10 million or more on the table to go back for one season left on his contract, and it was a no-brainer," Rawley said.

H/T Wrestling Inc