NXT Announces Number 1 Contender Tournament

With current NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura capturing the NXT title again from Samoa Joe in Osaka, Japan and then (spoiler alert) retaining again in Melbourne Austrailia, it looks like Nakamura is waiting for a new challenger to appear and take him on for the championship.

Enter 8 new prospects.

It'll be a series of 5 matches. Four one-on-one singles matches, then a fatal four way to determine the winner. WWE tweeted out the contenders and here they are.

To absolutely nobody's suprise Bobby Roode makes his way closer to the NXT Championship, but on the other hand, I'm a little shocked to see Dillinger in the mix. True, he's one of the most over performers on the brand, but he's been staring down one hell of a losing streak. Could this be the ulimate redemption?

The tournament starts next week with the winner getting to be Nakamura's opponent for January's NXT TakeOver: San Antonio event during Royal Rumble weekend.