NXT's Finn Balor Beats Adam Cole to Become New NXT Champion

Last week's episode of NXT featured a 60-minute Iron Man match that was supposed to crown a new NXT Champion, but the ending divided many fans after it resulted in a tie between Finn Balor and Adam Cole. Tonight's match between the two stars was then set to decide the NXT Champion, and it kicked off with both stars on their A-games. The two locked up a lot early, going back and forth with counters, submissions, and brutal kicks. This would go on for a while, but someone had to claim the victory, and it was none other than Balor who would become the new NXT Champion.

At one point Cole had the upper hand after a big knee to Balor's back and neck, and Cole would capitalize by securing a hold on Balor to keep him grounded. Cole kept the pressure on, hitting Balor with a DDT and knocking him to the mat again, followed by running him into the turnbuckle and kicking him in the corner.

Cole wasn't relenting, sending Finn into the corner at full speed yet again, and he was doing some damage on Balor's back. Balor would turn the tables a bit and catch his breath with a dropkick to the face, giving him an opening to get in some offense of his own via several elbows to the head and neck of Cole.

He kept Cole grounded and then went for a pin but Cole kicked out. Balor then got Cole in the corner and floored him with kicks, followed by a huge chop to the chest. He then hit Cole with a basement dropkick and then a pin, but Cole kicked out.

They would continue to battle, and at one point took the action to the outside of the ring, where Balor attempted to run through Cole but Cole shocked him with a superkick to the face. The action would then head back into the ring, where Cole managed to get Balor down long enough for a pin but Balor would kick out. Balor would then shake the ropes and knock Cole down, letting Balor have a chance at a Coup de Grace but he would miss, allowing Cole to kick Balor's knee out and lock him into a Figure Four. Balor would get to the ropes, but he was locked in for quite a while.

Balor would catch Cole with a SlingBlade though, but he couldn't get the pin. Cole would reverse things and then lock in another Figure Four, and when Balor got out of it Cole superkicked him and then hit the Last Shot on him with a pin, but Balor kicked out.

Balor would then shock the world by surprising Cole and knocking him out so he could get the pin and the win, and Balor is officially your new NXT Champion.

You can find the official description for tonight's NXT below.

NXT Super Tuesday II is set to kick off in gigantic fashion with Finn Bálor facing Adam Cole for the vacant NXT Title. Plus, Rhea Ripley will battle Mercedes Martinez in a Steel Cage Match in the main event, Bronson Reed looks for payback against Austin Theory, and Killian Dain squares off with Roderick Strong.

Here's what's on deck:

Finn Balor vs Adam Cole NXT Championship Match

Rhea Ripley vs Mercedes Martinez Steel Cage Match

Bronson Reed vs Austin Theory


Killian Dawn vs Roderick Strong

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