NXT's Johnny Gargano Beats Tommaso Ciampa in Brutal Match With Surprising Twist

The final match between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano has been a long time coming, and during tonight's packed NXT, fans finally got to see the two put it all on the line one last time as they vied for the right to be called the heart of NXT. This match was a brutal affair, taking place in an arena full of chairs, crutches, and everything else you could think of, and most of it if not all of the things lying around the arena were used to pummel one of the two competitors. Gargano and Ciampa didn't hold back, hitting each other with anything they could get their hands on, but only one could be the victor, and as the rivalry came to a close, it was Gargano with help from Candice LeRae who stood victorious.

When we say everything got used, we mean it, and towards the end of the match, Ciampa's crutches were used in a variety of ways, whether as an impromptu baseball bat across the back, legs, and head or as a way to punish the opponent's face, as at one point Ciampa used it as a bar and had it pulled across Gargano's mouth.

The mats also came off the ring, as both stars landed on the solid wood underneath the mat several times, and they even managed to take out the referee during their battle.

It seemed like Gargano was trying to make peace at one point, putting his hands over Ciampa's, but Ciampa pulled away, and the two got to kicking and slamming each other with crutches once more.

At that point Gargano's wife Candice LeRae came out to the ring, checking on both of them and pleading them to stop. She asked Gargano who he was, asking Ciampa if he's happy because she hates her husband now. She then told him to finish it, but he did nothing, so she said she would finish it, and then turned around to kick him in the groin.

Ciampa then went over to Gargano and checked on him, and the two talked a bit, with Ciampa saying he was sorry. The two looked to be making amends, but then LeRae came into the ring and kicked Ciampa in the groin, followed by Gargano's reveal that he was wearing a cup. LeRae had a huge smile on her face as did Gargano, and with that Gargano told Ciampa you lose.

He then slammed him onto the wooden floor and pinned him with a three count. Gargano and LeRae then walked out all smiles, hurt, but all smiles, and Ciampa was left beaten on the floor of the ring.

You can find the official description for tonight's NXT below.

This is it. The deeply intense and personal rivalry between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano will conclude tonight on USA Network. To allow them to settle the score, Triple H is providing the two best friends turned bitter rivals with an empty building, a ring and a referee. Two men will walk in, but only one can walk out victorious. Who will stand tall when The Blackheart and The Rebel Heart meet for One Final Beat? Find out tonight on NXT at 8/7 C on USA Network!

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