Paige Undergoes Successful Surgery, The Road To Recovery Begins

The battle between Paige and the WWE has escalated in recent weeks, but while her career under Vince's umbrella is uncertain, the good news is she is on the mend physically.

Paige underwent successful surgery yesterday under the care of Dr. Uribe, the same surgeon who worked wonders for Nikki Bella, who recently returned to action at Summer Slam. Paige has been detailing her journey on social media, including a photo of her and fiance Alberto del Rio right after the surgery holding hands.

Del Rio was also on hand when she woke up and made sure to have a card, a teddy bear, and a balloon waiting for her. "My love. There for when I woke up. Flowers couldn't be in the room but he got everything black coz I like it. True love right there. 🙏🏻☺️❤️".

He wasn't the only one who came to visit either, as Natalya swung by to see her at the hospital and Nikki and Brie have expressed support through social media. Paige shared some details on the surgery itself as well. "Also surgery went well. The hernia was bigger than expected and my neck was straightened now this girl has 3 screws in her neck. Pics soon🙏🏻" That was followed by a shout out of thanks to her doctor. "Thank you dr Uribe. Best surgeon out there and everyone here at the hospital for the great hospitality. ❤️"

You can view the tweets above, but for those who think that a recovering Paige is any less lethal, you better think twice.


"Tampa airport. I just had neck surgery. I can't raise my hands about my head for screening. Don't cuss me out I will still kick your ass."

Paige was suspended from the WWE a second time, this one for 60 days. It is reportedly linked to her nagging back and neck injuries, hence the reason she underwent surgery. Hopefully, when she's ready, the two sides can find some common ground so fans can see her once again in a WWE ring.