Juicy Paul Heyman Rumor Ruled to Be Fake News

Now that Paul Heyman is freshly single, his role in WWE has been the subject of rampant [...]

Now that Paul Heyman is freshly single, his role in WWE has been the subject of rampant speculation. However, one of the more enthralling rumors surrounding Heyman looks to be wholly false.

Earlier this week, a report indicated Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman would join forces once KO returned from "quitting" WWE. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter writes, that this is an empty rumor and is not something WWE is currently considering.

This may burst a few wrestling fans' bubbles as they may have been hoping for a partnership reminiscent of Heyman and CM Punk's in 2012. However, since KO and Heyman are already such strong characters on their own, combining them never made much sense.

The Observer did acknowledge that Owens exit could lead to SmackDown, but should not be expected. However, it does look like Heyman will remain an on-camera talent in WWE, but how he's used is still up in the air.

Ronda Rousey has been perpetually attached to Heyman, with reports of her actually requesting to work alongside The Advocate. However, their partnership is unlikely as Rousey is arguably the most popular babyface in the company. Given her rampant success, WWE will want to keep her wave of positivity rolling well in 2019.

Names like Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, or even NXT's Shayna Baszler would make for a good fit with Heyman but as of right now, these are nothing more than suggestions. Heyman finding a new client depends on how long Brock Lesnar stays out of WWE. At the moment it looks like Lesnar won't have his mega UFC fight with Daniel Cormier until 2019, but some have suggested their bout could happen as soon as November. Regardless of when that fight takes place, Lesnar appears to be done in WWE for at least several months.

Knowing that Heyman is such a valuable commodity, WWE likely won't use him arbitrarily. If Lesnar could be back by WrestleMania, then it may not be worth having Heyman align with a WWE Superstar for a few months. Instead, he may be better off politicking backstage as he tries to execute his nefarious agenda. With Baron Corbin and Stephanie McMahon running Raw, Heyman has an opportunity to get things done that couldn't happen with the pure-hearted Kurt Angle in charge.

As far as Owens goes, his arch could take a number of directions. Superstars feining an exit is no unique story in WWE and based on that precedent Owens could be back next week or could be gone for months. We'll have to wait and see, but Owens hiatus is certainly something to keep an eye on.