Renee Young Fights Back Against Her Commentary Critics

Since September 2018 Renee Young has served as a commentator for Monday Night Raw alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves, making her the first woman to hold the position within the company. And while many wrestling fans have given her incredibly positive remarks over the past 10 months, there have been a number of critics as well.

Young took notice of one this week, firing back with a witty response.

"And the checks keep coming in," Young wrote back.

But as one fan pointed out, that was the same type of defense Seth Rollins used a few weeks back during a Twitter feud with New Japan's Will Ospreay that wound up costing him favor in the court of public opinion. That led to an honest response from Young.

"Here's the truth. I know im not great on commentary, but it's my job," Young tweeted. "I try to get better each week. People love to tell me how bad I am at it as if I think I'm great at it. So I should just quit? What would that say about me?Not easy to learn a skill on a gigantic global tv show."

This led to a number positive remarks from fans and fellow wrestlers.

"I think you're doing fantastic, Renee. You work hard each and every week to gain knowledge and experience, while learning a new skill in front of the entire world. I couldn't be more proud of you!" Natalya wrote.


"People don't appreciate how hard that job is. I've done it a couple times. I'm 1000X worse at it than you are," Lance Storm tweeted.