Ric Flair Criticizes Charlotte Flair's Booking on WWE Raw

In recent weeks Corey Graves has criticized WWE's usage of Charlotte Flair on the Monday Night Raw roster via his podcast, After The Bell. Flair (somewhat) agreed with his sentiments on social media, then went on an episode to explain her side of the story. Since getting drafted to Raw Flair has been used primarily in the tag division of a feud with the Kabuki Warriors, which culminated in her and Becky Lynch failing to win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships from Asuka and Kairi Sane at TLC.

"It's like I had all those moments last year, how did I fall off? I think it's just sometimes with standards, if the bar is set so high, maybe this just doesn't feel like that gear?" Flair said. "Instead of getting angry or frustrated, I have to tell myself to 'not everything can be main event for me'."

It turns out Graves isn't the only one who wants Flair to be used better. Her father, two-time WWE Hall of Famer and 16-time former world champion Ric Flair said he wishes she had a better spot when he appeared on the WINCLY podcast recently.

"I am not happy with the way they are doing it; I guess she's been put in that role. Number one, I need to be left out of the equation because she has surpassed me in talent," Ric said. "She's never gonna be around for 40 years which is why I'm still a household name. I think they look at it and say, 'Well, she's like her dad. She'll do anything we want her to do because she's a pro.'

"I don't think she'll ever be bored with her storylines and not participate at its fullest. That part is wrong on Corey's part. But as far as her being the best athlete in the company, a Hall of Famer already, and being the biggest star of the women's division, he's spot on," he added.


During an interview with Times Now News back in November, Charlotte was asked about possibly winning more women's championships than Ric did world championships. She only needs six more reigns to tie her father's record

"Is it a cool statistic? 100% but it is not something I actively think about, It's like will I get there?" Flair said. "If I set my mind...then I will get there but when its all said and done that's not what I want people to remember me for."