WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns Viciously Attacks Jey Uso and Kevin Owens

The ending of WWE SmackDown this week was chaotic, memorable, and everything that has made Roman Reigns Universal Championship run memorable so far. The main event bout featured Reigns and Jey Uso taking on Kevin Owens and Otis in a tag team match. It took a while for Reigns to join his cousin in the match, allowing him to fight it out on his own early.

However, Roman came down eventually and took out Otis with a big Superman Punch on the ring apron. And we say took him out, we mean it. Otis all but disappeared the rest of the match following an attack by Reigns using the ringside steps on the outside.

Roman looked on from the outside as Uso and Owens went at it in the ring. However, Uso lost the offense and Owens turned the table with some Cannon Balls in the corner as Reigns was visibly frustrated with his cousin.

As Owens continued to work over Jey, he screamed "Get in the ring!" at Reigns. Reigns did, which allowed Jey an advantage. Jey went up top for the Uso Splash but Reigns ordered him to get down and tag him in. He said, "This is my show, I finish the show."

Jey tried to do so, dragging Owens over to the corner but Owens got in a shot on him and Roman. Owens then hit a Stunner on Uso but Roman came back to break the pinfall attempt. He locked in a guillotine and wouldn't let go, with the referee then calling for a DQ finish.

After the bout, Roman and Jey proceeded to beat down Owens with double chair shots. Uso went up top and hit an Uso Splash on to Owens with a chair placed on his chest.


However, that wasn't the end of it. Immediately after, Reigns ruthlessly attacked his cousin with chairshots, audibly venting his frustrations with him. "I have to keep repeating myself?" he yelled.

Roman then screamed at Owens that he is trying to split his family apart. He accused Owens of trying to make him look like a monster in front of the whole world. He said he's going to take Owens manhood, livelihood, and he has his attention now. He said, "you and your family are gonna fear me."