Here's Who WWE Fans Think Attacked Roman Reigns on SmackDown Live

Roman Reigns was the victim of an "attack" on SmackDown Live this week, and the speculation surrounding who attacked him is running rampant.

In the final moments of the night, Reigns was seen walking backstage towards Kayla Braxton (he was supposed to announce who he'd face at SummerSlam) only for the scaffolding around him to collapse. Reigns got up from under the wreckage without a scratch on him and awkwardly pushed away a few concerned trainers before the show cut to black.

The culprit did not reveal himself during the show, but online fans have already tried their hands at some detective work. The final shot of the night showed Reigns turning a corner and walking away from the scene. In the background is a figure with his back turned to the camera.

Based on the design of the shirt the figure it's wearing, it's clear that it was none other than former Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy.

Murphy was called up from 205 Live to SmackDown Live as part of this year's Superstar Shakeup. However with the exception of one brief promo the former champ has not appeared on The Blue Brand. Attacking one of WWE's top stars in order to get a match at the second biggest pay-per-view of the year is a great way to fix that.


Based on Twitter reactions, it seems like it's a match people want to see.

Murphy originally signed with the WWE back in March 2013. A year later he formed a tag team with Wesley Blake down in NXT and with Alexa Bliss as their manager the pair had a long run as NXT Tag Team Champions. After the pair split both men struggled in obscurity before Murphy cut weight and moved down to the Cruiserweight division.