Seth Rollins Shares Secretive Details on Cashing In at WrestleMania 31

The image of Seth Rollins streaking down WrestleMania 31's mile-long stage is one of the more [...]

The image of Seth Rollins streaking down WrestleMania 31's mile-long stage is one of the more iconic moments in recent WWE memory. Despite the magnitude, Rollins never got to rehearse—mostly because he never knew the plans.

During an interview with, Rollins discussed his career-making WrestleMania 31. Before his Money in the Bank moment, Rollins had an early match with Randy Orton that saw him eat arguably the greatest RKO of all time.

"I didn't know for sure until the middle of the show (it was happening)," said Rollins. "I had a match with Randy Orton early in the day and then I was sequestered backstage and informed that would be the plan at the end of the night. It honestly was a very last-minute thing," he said.

Obviously, Rollins was one of the few people to know how WrestleMania 31 would close. So when his music cut off the WWE Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, 80,000 fans spontaneously exploded.

"We were getting close to having to get off the air, so maybe it wouldn't have happened," said Rollins. "I was glad I didn't tell anyone and have that bad luck or that I had jinxed himself," he said.

Rollins revealed that someone had mentioned to him that his WrestleMania 31 moment was in the same conversation as Hulk Hogan iconic victory at WrestleMania III. As a WWE Superstar and lifelong fan of wrestling, that comparison was all too gratifying for Rollins.

"That seems pretty surreal to me. I think back at my classic moments, you have that one, The Rock-Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior-Hulk Hogan, The Rock-Stone Cold Steve Austin," Rollins said. "To think that you're in the same company as those, to be in that conversation, it's pretty wild," he said.

After swiping the WWE Championship to end WrestleMania 31, Rollins was given the keys to WWE. With Brock Lesnar leaving, and Roman Reigns at one of his lowest point, Rollins was asked to carry Raw on a weekly basis. But before he could truly establish himself, an in-ring accident saw Rollins tear ligaments in his knee that would need surgery to fix.

Rollins would be out until the following May and would eventually meet Finn Balor at 2016' SummerSlam for the right to become WWE's first Universal Champion. Rollins would come up short, but would eventually begin his WrestleMania 33 feud with Triple H. After pinning his former mentor at the 2017 mega show, Rollins then entered his first babyface campaign as a WWE Superstar. After a much-anticipated reunion with Dean Ambrose and eventually Reigns, too, Rollins saw his popularity reach a new high. By the time 2018 rolled around, Rollins was arguably WWE's top Superstar.

Now that we're in the second half of 2018, Rollins popularity is still undeniable. With the Shield reformed and the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder, Rollins is one of WWE's most important employees.