Shawn Michaels Says He and Triple H Are Doing the Things in WWE That Vince McMahon Did in the '90s

There's been a lot of great things happening in WWE as of late, with big names returning, changes to long-time criticisms, and welcome surprises. That goes for Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, and there are two very familiar names at the helm of those three shows. Triple H is now head of WWE Creative, while Shawn Michaels is running things at NXT, and both stars are enjoying their work behind the scenes. Michaels spoke recently about working with Triple H to create a formidable one-two punch, and in a new interview on After The Bell with Corey Graves, he added that in many ways they are both doing what Vince McMahon did back in the 90s, and there is a fun and joy they hope to capture.

"I'll be honest, a lot of it is bringing back some people that I felt I was gonna miss, that I had a joy working with here that I believe are talented and can contribute to the WWE. That's been one of the biggest things. The other thing is the excitement and the excitement about moving forward. Morale, you can't beat that," Michaels said.

"I'll say this. Hunter and I are actually doing all the things that Vince did with us back in the 90s. He was there. He was fun. He was all the things that I think people enjoy about us. That's where we learned it from, to be perfectly honest," Michaels said. "He was a fantastic boss. He was a great deal of fun to be around. He wanted to teach. He wanted to share. He was ever so passionate about this."

"Really, that's what Hunter and I really bring to the table, I think is the joy, again, of this job. You can see that permeating up at RAW. I mean, I was there the other night. You can see it. I know what's going on at SmackDown. We feel it down here, the joy and the fun of what this job is, is fantastic. Again, you'd be surprised what that does from a talent standpoint. You want to go out there and run through a brick wall on fire for guys that are leading that way. I think that's how the talent feels now and I think that's the biggest positive right now in the WWE.," Michaels said.

Up next for NXT is Halloween Havoc, and you can find the official card below:

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