Steve Austin Confirms He's Involved in Brian Pillman's Dark Side of the Ring Episode

Few shows take as honest and thorough a look at the world of professional wrestling like Dark Side of the Ring, and after the phenomenal season 2 fans are eager to learn more about the upcoming third season of docuseries. We're still awaiting the full lineup of season 3 and who will be involved, but thanks to the new episode of Cari & Jemele (Won't) Stick to Sports, we do have official confirmation of two major aspects of the upcoming season. Cari and Jemele interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin about his new show, and during the conversation, Jemele mentioned that Austin is part of the upcoming Brian Pillman focused episode of the show.

Jemele said "Other than our show, probably my favorite show on VICE is the Dark Side of the Ring, which is a docuseries about pro wrestling. Now you are actually on season 3 to talk about the life and unfortunate death of your friend Brian Pillman".

That confirms some earlier reports that Pillman's life and death would be a central focus of one of season 3's episodes, though we did not now that Austin would be a part of it. It makes a lot of sense though, as Austin was not only tied to Pillman throughout his early career in the ring but was also good friends with him outside of wrestling.

Austin and Pillman were in a tag team known as The Hollywood Blonds in WCW, and back then they were known as Stunning Steve and Flyin Brian. It wasn't their idea to be in a tag team, but they made it work and gained a following before being split up before they could capitalize on getting over. They would go on to have more memorable and in one particular case infamous moments later in their careers, though sadly Pillman would pass away in 1997 at the age of 35 due to arteriosclerosis heart disease.


Pillman's life and death will be the first episode of Dark Side of the Ring season 3, which will air on VICE TV later this year, though we don't have a specific premiere date yet.

Cari & Jemele (Won't) Stick to Sports airs every Thursday on VICE TV at 11:30 PM EST.