Watch: Stone Cold Steve Austin Hits AJ Styles With Another Stunner After WWE Raw Went off the Air

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin closed out Monday Night Raw this week with a celebratory beer bath [...]

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin closed out Monday Night Raw this week with a celebratory beer bath alongside Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders. The five Raw stars won a 10-man main event tag match against The O.C., Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode after Alexander pinned Styles with a Lumber Check, but it turned out the segment wasn't over even after the cameras stopped rolling.

Austin offered a dazed Styles a beer after the show and seemed to form a truce with "The Phenomenal One." But just as Styles began to chug his beer, Austin hit him with a Stone Cold Stunner to send the Madison Square Garden crowd home happy. This was the second Stunner of the night for Styles, as Austin nailed him with one during Raw's opening segment.

"The Texas Rattlesnake" has popped up a number of times on WWE television in recent months, starting off with his appearance at the tail end of the Raw Reunion special back in July. He also appeared via Skype to help promote his new USA Network interview show, Straight Up Steve Austin, which he discussed in a recent interview with

"... I told everybody, I said, 'Listen, the way I see this show, if we're not having a blast filming it, we're doing it wrong,'" Austin said. "And they looked at me and they said, 'You're exactly right.'

"... I'm having a blast filming this damn show," he added. "And it's like I tell everybody, man, I laugh my ass off almost the entire show. And now there's serious moments, but there's so many fun things that we do, and I get a chance to meet so many interesting people, some of who I already knew. But yeah, man, I'm like a kid in a candy store."

Austin's guest on the show this week was comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

While Rollins and Strowman seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the celebration, the pair likely won't be celebrating again after Clash of Champions on Sunday night. The two will have to defend the Raw Tag Team Championships against Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode, then face each other in a singles match that same night for Rollins' Universal Championship. And with Styles taking the pinfall on Monday night, it's likely that he'll be added to the card to in a match against Alexander for the United States Championship.