UFC: Logan Paul Calls Out Dana White To Sign Him

Logan Paul wants a shot to fight in the UFC, and his method of making it happen is to call out the [...]

Logan Paul wants a shot to fight in the UFC, and his method of making it happen is to call out the person he needs to make it happen, which is UFC Chief Dana White.

Paul seems to be itching to get in the octagon, and some think it would at least be entertaining to watch. White hasn't given Paul the green light though, and Paul doesn't see why he wouldn't sign off on it, at least if he wants to make money. In a new interview, Paul calls out White for not pouncing on the idea, telling him to get out of his own way in so many words.

When TMZ asked if he thinks he will be in the UFC at some point Logan said "Yeah, I think so. I think so. If Dana gets his head out of his ass and wants to make some money for sure!"

The reporter then asked if that was the best way to talk to the boss (and his future one if it happened), but Paul doesn't look at it that way. "Dana's not the boss," Paul said. "No, I'm the boss."

"I think the UFC is built on a model of people watching people fight," Paul said. "I can fight, there's no doubt about that and I will train whatever amount of dedication I need to train to fight in the UFC. Dedicated as f***. If I get the opportunity to fight in the UFC that's my life. For the next 6 or 8 months, whatever it is, that's my life, that's my focus. Look I'm not like a professional fighter, so I know I'm not going to be an idiot and pretend that I can get in the ring with someone who's gonna rip my f****** head off."

After that, though Paul was asked if he would fight Conor McGregor. "I'd fight Conor. I would be honored for Conor to rip my head off. Honored."

When asked if he saw a UFC debut coming down the pike once more, Paul said "It's on Dana man. Dana, what's good? The people want it man."

He was also asked if it was about money, but Paul just wants to compete. "Yeah, it's a bucket list thing for me," Paul said. "I just want to do it before I die."

Afterward, he was asked if he would fight for free to make it happen, but he shot that down, saying he could just start a celebrity fighting thing and make the money if he had too.

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