Daniel Bryan Insults Vince McMahon, Baby Boomers, and AJ Styles

Vince McMahon made an appearance during SmackDown Live on Tuesday night to mediate a segment [...]

Vince McMahon made an appearance during SmackDown Live on Tuesday night to mediate a segment between AJ Styles and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan ahead of their championship match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

Bryan refused to get in the ring with AJ, mentioning he's too embarrassed to be seen in the ring with him. He talked about Styles fighting him among the "animal carcasses" ont he concourse last week, as well as the over consumption he encourages the fans to engage in.

Bryan mentioned that he uses his fame to engage in the greater good, while Styles uses it to get rich. Styles in return just called him a jackass, to which Bryan said that's the reason the fans cheer him: he makes them laugh but doesn't make them think.

Bryan says he makes the fans think and feel bad about themselves for their actions. He said he's not the people's champion, he's the planet's champion. Bryan said the planet doesn't need AJ Styles, it needs him to use his platform to be the planet's voice.

Styles said if the planet had a voice, it'd be screaming at him to shut up. He inferred Bryan is a hypocrite, saying he didn't take his bike to the arena but rather rode on a plane like everyone else. Styles said the word for that is "fickle," stealing Bryan's phrase.

The reason Bryan refused to get in the ring with him, Styles said, is not embarrassment but rather fear. He's afraid about what is going to happen to him in five days at the Rumble and he should be. Styles said when he takes Bryan's title from him, he won't have anything left.

As Bryan was about to quote Carl Sagan, Vince interrupted him and said he was "tired of this" and ordered him to get in the ring. Bryan said that of course Vince doesn't want to listen to it, because he and the entire baby boomer generation have taken and taken from the earth without giving anything back.

Vince tried to get Bryan in the ring again but Styles said their face to face didn't have to happen in the ring tonight. He then chased Bryan around ringside and pummeled him. He tossed Bryan into the ring and was going to go for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Bryan pulled Vince in front of him.

Following the confusion, Bryan took out Styles with a kick and walked off with his title belt.