World Entertainment Series Says Talent not Showing up Reason for Event Cancellation

After a number of issues, World Entertainment Series has announced that their first event has been canceled. WES was set to hold its debut event on July 9th and had been delayed once before from its original June 4th date. Initially, the event was announced with stars like CJ Perry, Lina Fanene, Adam Scherr, Matt Rehwoldt, and more attached, but today WES announced that they've canceled the event due to "talent not showing up". WES announced this in a statement on social media, and since the release, several stars have commented and taken issue with the statement. You can see the original statement below.

The statement reads "Dear fans and followers, unfortunately we will have to cancel the event scheduled for this Saturday at the Motorpoint arena in Nottingham England. We are deeply disappointed in the news that we have to share but with so many talent not showing up we will have no choice then to cancel the event.

Our team worked so hard on this event day in and day out for the fans to come with a different type of wrestling event and believe that we still will be able to show that in the near future. We do want to say that all our talent that was scheduled have been paid in full and that Lina Fanene was paid her deposit as well while she changed her mind and did not want to show up and wrestle anymore. For now we will have to apologize for this, but we promise that it will not end here. See you soon! – Team WES"

Scherr took to Twitter to comment, writing "Straight garbage to try and blame talent not showing up. I'm not a stooge but the truth will come out. Y'all are good at finding it." Meanwhile, Fanene shared an image of the Fyre Festival with the WES logo thrown in. Rehwoldt wrote "Talent 'not showing up' What a laugh..."

Lince Dorado wrote "I refuse to let anyone control my emotions. With that being said, I am available in the US/MEXICO/Canada/PR this weekend 7/8 – 7/11. If we worked together before let's make a deal. Stay #luchalit" Meanwhile Chelsea Green wrote, "Instead of blaming the talent who took weeks off to come work for your NEW company under the impression you could be trusted... try refunding the fans & apologizing for your lack of organization."


Josh Alexander wrote "It's always lame when a hot upstart promotion that's been a talked about red flag from the word 'go' cancels. Sure the wrestlers got paid. But not one of the fans that were excited will remember who or why it cancelled. It'll just leave a stain on the wrestling scene altogether. @wesofficialtv Be better. If you love wrestling just leave it to the pros or actually do what what you say you're going to. 'Wrestlers no showing' – ain't ever going to be a thing. Maybe 1 or 2. But not enough to warrant cancelling a show. We love this.✌️"

H/T Fightful