WWE 2K22 Reveals Major New My GM Mode Details

It's been an eventful week for WWE 2K22, as 2K revealed a bevy of new details for its upcoming title. That included the reveal of not just Rey Mysterio's official cover, but also a new trailer, new images, and more. One anticipated feature of 2K22 is My GM Mode, and while there have been one or two details revealed about the mode, more information was still relatively scarce. Thankfully we got a much better idea of just how much is in this mode and the options it contains thanks to WWE 2K22 Creative Director Lynell Jinks and Art Director Christina Diem Pham's new interview with Brian Mazique, and there's a lot to cover.

First up are the significant differences between My GM Mode and Universe Mode. Universe Mode lets you book your own shows with whoever you want, assemble your roster, and play out the matches and ongoing stories. That won't change in 2K22, but in My GM, your goal isn't really to just have fun playing a show. 

The idea here is that you are playing the role of a GM (who is under Triple H in the game), who is trying to run the best show they can with the limitations that come with it. You'll draft your superstars in the WWE Draft, but each one has a cost, and as you move forward in the mode with your shows you will have to account for your ratings, which affect how much money you pull in.

That means if you aren't pulling in a lot of money at the moment you might not be able to put on the show you want because you can't sign a certain superstar or afford to put the match together you wanted, so you'll have to figure out ways around that and adapt. The fans are also watching and commenting on your shows and what you're doing in a social media-style sidebar, so you're always getting feedback.

While you can still play and simulate matches like in Universe Mode, GM Mode gives you other options as well. Jinks revealed that you can use the GM-only spectate mode that lets you move through different camera angles to watch the match play out, and if you don't like something that is happening you can always interfere in that match directly as the GM.

Diem Pham revealed that there are different durations for GM Mode, including 15,25, and 50 weeks, and there is an auto function that will draft the superstars for you in case you need it. She also said that Triple H will give you feedback on what match types are working and which ones don't, and the fans will also give you feedback, which helps immerse you into the ongoing story of your show. Each week you also have commissioner goals to meet, and those allow you to upgrade matches, draft legends, enhancement talent, and other rewards.

Your goal in this mode is to lead your show to success, and if you are leading SmackDown by chance, you are trying to compete for ratings and more with Raw. Jinks then added that it isn't just against the CPU, as you can play head to head against a person running the other brand. You'll draft against each other and run matches and can even jump into those matches, and you can do this with people on your Friends list.

GM Mode already seems like a place that I will be spending quite a bit of time in early on, and I can't wait to try it out myself.

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