WWE's Drew McIntyre Interviews Matthew McConaughey About Wolf of Wall Street

Drew McIntyre can obliterate people in the ring, though even McIntyre needs a warmup to get in the right headspace before he does it. You might assume McIntyre would go to one of the WWE trainers for the right warmup regimen, but why go to them if you happen to have Matthew McConaughey on the line? That's what McIntyre did in an episode of Drew & A, where he talked to McConaughey about his memorable sequence in Wolf of Wall Street, and it seems McIntyre has a new way to start out every day.

"A bucket list moment... What a lad," McIntyre wrote on Twitter. "Chatted w/ @McConaughey about life, death, ups/ downs, his inspiring memoir & popping up in the @WWE ThunderDome. And yes, we did the Wolf of Wall Street warm-up!!! #Greenlightsbook out now & the full interview later this month #DrewAndA"

McConaughey broke it down for him, showing him that you have to hit your chest while making any sound or singing any song, though the important part is that you have to hit your chest with impact so that you feel it and it wakes you up.

If we see McIntyre on Raw hitting his chest, well, we will know where it came from, won't we?

McIntyre has been busy lately with Randy Orton, who he's been feuding with over the past few months. McIntyre was able to get the best of Orton several times, and it all led to Hell in a Cell match where Orton was able to defeat him and become the new WWE Champion. McIntyre's reign totalled in at 203 days, a reign that kicked off at WrestleMania 36, but we wouldn't count out McIntyre from getting a second chance with the title before all is said and done.


McIntyre can be seen battling in the ring every Monday night on Raw on USA Network, though you don't have to wait until next Monday for more WWE action, as Fox airs a new episode of Friday Night SmackDown tonight.

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