Jeff Hardy Reportedly Heading to WWE's Performance Center Next Week

There haven't been many updates on Jeff Hardy's status in the past few months, but fans were finally given some potentially good news this week. According to PWInsider, the former WWE Champion will be heading to the WWE Performance Center next week to check on his progress towards an in-ring return. Hardy suffered a leg injury last April that forced him to undergo surgery and was originally slated for a return in November, but that was derailed after Hardy was arrested twice in 2019 for alcohol-related offenses. WWE insisted Hardy take care of his personal issues first, and extended his WWE contract to make up for the time he had missed.

Meanwhile Hardy's brother Matt was seemingly written off television this week after he was brutally attacked by Randy Orton. Matt's contract is set to expire in early March, and he's been hinting at leaving the company for months.

Back in December Hardy said he felt he had paid a "debt" he owed the WWE by returning to the company in 2017. He also commented on how WWE viewed the Hardy Boyz as a tag team nowadays.

Meanwhile Matt has been hard at work on his personal YouTube channel with a new series titled "Free The Delete." He explained in a separate video that the series is meant to reflect what's been happening in his real life with WWE.


"To everyone out there that is watching 'Free The Delete,' which is continuing on with that cinematic feel, I hope you've been enjoying them. I've been doing them in a very specific way where... I think in the professional wrestling business now if you're or a performer or especially if you're a promoter and you're putting together events, we serve two masters," Hardy said. "I think there's the diehard fan that knows the deal and knows what's going on. And I think that fanbase is growing exponentially and is getting larger every single day. That's one audience that we definitely have to take care of cater to them. And the other audience is the casual fans. And there are casual fans out there that just love the casual concept of wrestling and this larger than life story, a good guy versus a bad guy. And they want to see a story happen that culminates in a match and there's train wrecks along the way.

"There's two masters we're serving, and the point that I was saying was in 'Free The Delete' I'm trying to cater to both of those. That's kind of how I try to perform in this day in age. ... So if you see something in 'Free The Delete' that stands out and you think, 'Maybe this means something?' It means something."