WWE NXT Crowns a New NXT Women's Champion at Halloween Havoc

It was finally time for NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez to put her title on the line against Mandy Rose at Halloween Havoc, and after a spin, it was a Trick or Street Fight, with no count-outs, no DQs, and no pinfalls or submissions allowed. The bell hadn't even hit before Gonzalez charged at Rose, whipping her into the corner turnbuckle. Rose got some offense in as well, with punches and kicks in the corner, and then she tried to lif Gonzalez but the Champion slammed her into the corner to break things up. Rose grabbed a Kendo Stick and slammed it into Gonzalez twice, and then a third time.

She struck again but Gonzalez grabbed the stick and threw it away and punched Rose, and then she slammed rose into the barricade. Rose got some punches in before Gonzaeas shoved her into the post, but then she went for a big boot and missed, giving Rose a chance to grab the stick and hit Gonzalez behind the knee and leg.

Rose kept attacking, kicking Gonzalez into the corner, but Gonzalez countered with a slam and a pin attempt, but Rose kicked out. Gonzalez lifted Rose and tied her feet up in around the turnbuckle, and then went looking for a weapon. She emerged with several chairs, and then kicked Rose again. She then grabbed a table and stuck it in the ring, and after setting it up against the corner turnbuckle, Rose was free. Gonzalez lifted her up and went to throw her into the table, but Rose countered, though Gonzalez got the better of the exchange.

Gonzalez hit Rose with a chair and then stuck the chairs in the other corner. She then kicked Rose several times while she set up one more chair on top of the turnbuckle. Rose managed to throw Gonzalez out of the ring but a dropkick went badly when Gonzalez caught her and pulled her out to the floor. Then she grabbed a stick and hit Rose several times with it. Rose tried to get away and threw a chair at Gonzalez, and then she sat her down in it and hit her with the stick and then used it to pin Gonzalez in the chair.

She dropkicked her on the floor and went for a pin, but pins need to be in the ring. Rose unpinned her and beat her with the Kendo Stick, and she was clearly angry at the referee. Gonzalez then had a hockey mask on and armed herself with a fire extinguisher, and she used it on Rose. She then picked Rose up and rolled her into the ring. She then tackled Rose and threw her face-first into the chairs she set up in the corner, but Rose kicked out.

Gonzalez then went for another big boot but Rose evaded, though she didn't escape the next one out on the floor. Gonzalez kicked some steel steps and then threw Rose into them. She then lifted those steps onto the side of the ring apron. She tried to grab Rose but Rose moved out of the way, but she got a big kick and stunned Gonzalez, and then threw her into the steps face first. She went for a pin but Gonzalez kicked out.

Rose went to work on Gonzalez's arm and then went for a pin, but the Champ kicked out. Rose went to lift the Champ but Gonzalez countered and threw Rose over. Gonzalez then speared Rose through the table in the corner, leaving both stars on the mat. Gonzalez then went for a pin, but Rose kicked out right before.

Then a hooded figure came up and hit Gonzalez with a shovel, and that allowed Rose to pin her and become the new NXT Women's Champion. The mystery figure then revealed her identity, and it was one other than Dakota Kai, so that feud is not done just yet.

Here's the card for tonight's Halloween Havoc:

NXT Champion Tommaso CIampa vs Bron Breakker

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez vs Mandy Rose (Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal)

NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Io Shirai and Zoey Stark vs Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta and Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne (Scareway To Hell)

NXT Tag Team Champions MSK vs Imperium (Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal)

You can watch NXT's Halloween Havoc tonight on USA Network at 7 PM CST.

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