WWE NXT Reveals Toxic Attraction's Title Challengers at Great American Bash

WWE NXT kicked off with one of the most anticipated matches of the night, which was a Tag Team Match between Katana Chance and Kayden Carter and Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade. Whoever wins the match will earn the shot at Toxic Attraction's NXT Women's Tag Team Championships at Great American Bash, and both teams walked in with confidence that they could be the biggest threat. It was a close call at several points throughout the match, but some clutch teamwork by Perez and Jade allowed Perez the opportunity to hit Pop Rocks on Carter and seal the deal, winning the match and moving on to the Title match against Toxic Attraction at Great American Bash.

Towards the beginning of the match, Carter and Jade went back and forth with big chops and Carter then went up for a move on the top rope and sent Jade to the mat and tagged in Chance. Chance went over Jade and then did some taunting with a face plant with her legs before going for a cover, but Jade kicked out. Chance was surprised by a counter by Jade into a cover but she kicked out.

Jade kicked Chance and then hit a dropkick before slamming her into their corner and tagging in Perez. Perez hit two uppercuts and then evaded a move before rolling Chance up into a cover but Chance kicked out. Perez started putting pressure on Chance's arm and shoulder before tagging in Jade, and Jade attacked her arm and went for a cover but Chance kicked out.

Jade sent her back into their corner and tagged Perez back in, and Perez locked in another hold targeting Chance's arm and shoulder. Chance kept trying to get out of the hold and eventually worked her way out only to get thrown down into another one. Chance stopped her momentum and Carter tagged herself in, catching Perez by surprise.

Carter hit Perez with forearms to the chest before attempting the pin but Perez kicked out. Carter picked up Perez and tagged in Chance who slammed into Perez and went for the pin, but Perez kicked out. Perez tried to make her way to Jade but Chance cut her off, though Perez reversed a move and slammed Chance into the ropes. She tagged in Jade and they lifted Chance but she landed on her feet and Carter was tagged in, and at that point, all four were in the ring attacking each other.

Perez was hit with a clothesline by Carter and Jade was knocked to the outside, and Chance and Carter both took a moment to make a statement. Jade would soon answer back for her team after knocking Carter down to the mat and halting her momentum, and then a tag to Perez sent Carter to the mat again and into a cover, but she managed to kick out and roll out of the ring. Perez followed and slammed her head into the ring apron, but Carter caught her next move and then slammed her back into the ring apron, returning the favor.

Carter broke up the count and then rolled Perez into the ring and pinned her, but she kicked out. Carter attacked Perez's back and kept her from tagging Jade, and then she put pressure on Perez's shoulders and arms before another stomp to the back. Perez was in their corner and Carter and Chance combined for a slick move before Carter locked in a Single Leg Crab. Perez tried to get to Jade when Chance tagged in but Chance caught her and locked in another submission. Perez managed to roll through and go for the pin, but Chance kicked out. Perez bought herself some space and finally tagged in Jade, and she sent a now tagged in Carter reeling with a kick and a knee to the face.

Jade went for the cover but Carter kicked out, and she was able to get to her feet long enough to knock Jade down before she collapsed to the mat again. Jade tagged in Perez and Carter hit a huge kick to the head before tagging in Chance, who went up top for a move, but jade pulled her partner out of harm's way. Then Perez hit Pop Rocks on Carter and that was enough for the pin and the win, and now Jade and Perez will face Toxic Attraction at Great American Bash.

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