WWE Explains the Rules for the WWE Raw Fist Fight Main Event

After last week's main event of Monday Night Raw ended in disqualification, WWE announced that this week's episode would once again feature Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Big Show vs. Seth Rollins and The AOP in a six-man tag match. However, the rematch had a special stipulation — a Fist Fight — added in without any context or explanation. The company finally gave some details about the match to The Wrap on Monday afternoon, and it turns out to be much more violent than the name let on. According to a company's spokesman, the match will have no disqualifications, no pinfalls, no count-outs and no submissions, so the only way to win is for the referee to determine that all three competitors on one team have been knocked out.

"The match ends when the referee declares that one team is no longer able to continue," the WWE rep said. "This is a legit fistfight. You know how fistfights are? If we're in high school and I say, 'See you at 3 o'clock, meet you around back, we're gonna have a fistfight.' Fistfights happen until one guy drops, or two guys drop. This is a rumble, this is 'West Side Story.' This is where a score gets settled or a storyline gets dramatically ramped up."

Owens was the first to react to the news.

Rollins cut a brief promo regarding the match several days ago, though he didn't seem happy about the match.

Meanwhile Big Show started laughing when he first heard he'd be involved in the match.

"Let me get this right, somebody wanted a fist fight with me in the match? Somebody doesn't like AOP or Seth Rollins," Show said. "Oh, my gosh, that's funny."

Last Monday marked Show's first match since he went down with an injury in late 2018. The former World Heavyweight Champion revealed he had to undergo five surgeries during his absence.


"After going through five hip surgeries in a year and a half, to be able to take a phone call from a friend, a peer in the business, to come out in front of this incredible crowd tonight, and get back in the ring in almost a year and a half, and be competitive, I'm just extremely humbled and grateful," Show said.

"They say what doesn't break you makes you stronger, and I think my faith in my career, and my faith in myself, and my faith in this business was tested for the past 2 years, like it's never been tested before, and I'm just extremely grateful for the fans, and we'll see what happens next wee," he continued.