WWE Referee Charles Robinson Victim of Theft, Collection Valued at $55,000 Vanishes

Long time WWE referee Charles Robinson was the unfortunate victim of some vandalism and theft recently that cost him $55,000.

Robinson has long been a collector of Hollywood and wrestling memorabilia, and he was using a storage unit in Charlotte, North Carolina to keep it safe. Or so he thought. Robinson went to the storage facility on May 28th and saw that his unit had been broken into and his collectibles taken.

According to a report from TMZ, Robinson had some classic Evel Knievel stunt toys stolen, along with Chucky dolls, Friday The 13th actions figures, Planet of the Apes lunch boxes, and some classic WWF wrestling items.

So far, there are no leads on who committed the crime, but Robinson has filed a police report and law enforcement officials are actively trying to track the items down. Apparently the security cameras at the storage facility did not capture any of the action and Robinson is disappointed with the lack of help he has received from the business.

The TMZ report notes that one of the items that was stolen, a Jaws statue valued at $2,400, popped up on eBay but was quickly removed.


TMZ has also published the loss inventory document, which lists all of the items that Robinson has claimed were stolen. There are quite a few wrestling items on the list, notably a full set of carded WWF Hasbro figures, several sealed WCW Galoob figures, some sealed Remco AWA figures, and more.

If you have any information on the theft, we urge you to contact authorities. Robinson is one of the most respected referees in the business, having worked with both WCW and the WWE. During his WCW days, he was part of a memorable storyline with Ric Flair where he received the nickname "Little 'Naitch."