WWE SmackDown: Cody Rhodes References Iconic Brandi Rhodes AEW Promo

Cody Rhodes gives a nod to his wife Brandi Rhodes on WWE SmackDown.

On WWE SmackDown, the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes opened the show and gave a promo during which he addressed what The Rock handed to him on WWE Raw this week. After winning the championship from Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, Rock confronted Rhodes on the Raw after Mania and asked to switch championships, a bit of a call back to Rhodes doing the same to him a decade ago. At that time, Rhodes wanted to "take a look" at the title that for the next 13 years won't be synonymous with The Rock, but Rhodes instead. 

"I can tell you when The Rock was in here the air got a little...colder. The mood certainly changed. He placed an item in my hand, I instantly knew what it was. It was a wartime overture if you will. Something that I had gifted to The Rock. It was uncomfortable. It was awkward. But I believe The Rock when he said he was going off to Hollywood and I believed him even more when he said that he would be coming back here, and when he did he would be looking for me. Well Rock, you do not have to look very far, I will be standing right here."

In the promo on SmackDown, he also gave a nod to his wife Brandi Rhodes who once delivered a very meme-able line: "Who the hell told you it was open mic night, b--ch?" When Brandi and Cody were still in AEW, Brandi cut the iconic promo against Jade Cargill who is also now signed with WWE.

Before concluding, Rhodes addressed his six potential competitors who will vie for a shot at the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WWE Backlash in France, letting them know that "you best not miss."

Back in September of last year, Brandi spoke to Ring The Belle about many moments in her career, including the memorable promo on Cargill and how it came to be. "It's a very fun segment (open mic night with Jade Cargill) for the simple fact that there was not much thought that went into it," Brandi explained. "It was literally just, Tony (Khan) asked me, 'Can you cut a promo on Jade?' I said, 'Sure. Why not? That's fun' and he said, 'Have you seen the Curb Your Enthusiasm where Vivica Fox runs up on the neighbor lady?' What's her name? But it's the neighbor character in Curb Your Enthusiasm that's always coming after Larry and she's always cursing him out and all this stuff and she's like, 'Larry!' Blah, blah, blah, blah and then Vivica steps in front and goes, 'Who the hell are you? You're not gonna talk to my man like that' and just runs her down and saying all this stuff so, he says, 'You know that scene?' I said, 'Yeah, of course.' He goes, 'Can you do something like that?' I was like, 'I got it' and that was pretty much it. Yeah, that was pretty much it. It was just like, alright. Well now what am I gonna say? Okay, okay. So yeah, talked to Jade and I said, 'I'm gonna say heifer. Is that okay?' And she was like, 'Heifer?' I was like, 'Yeah, it works. You're not a heifer. So it works. You're like the furthest thing from a heifer so like, just let me say it.' 'Okay,' and then it was what it was."