WWE SmackDown: Jimmy and Jey Uso Reunite, But Roman Reigns Gets Destroyed by Cesaro Ahead of Title Match

Tonight's SmackDown started with Roman Reigns, so it was fitting that it also ended with Reigns, who started things off by addressing Jey Uso about his brother Jimmy. After Jimmy stood up to Reigns, Roman and Jey headed to find him towards the end of the show to give him one more chance to come around to Roman's side. Roman, Paul, and Jey headed to the ring, and Reigns said "This is not how I envisioned the night. It was simple. I bring your brother back in", but then he was cut off by Jimmy Uso's music, and Jimmy made his way down to the ring.

Jimmy addressed Roman head-on. He then asked Jey "where do you stand brother? Where you standing." He then said the I Quit match with Jey was the hardest thing he's ever watched, until Roman choked him out.

He then played the video from that Hell In A Cell match between Roman and Jey, which showed Jimmy getting in Roman's way to block him from hitting Jey with the stairs. Roman then started to choke Jimmy out, and that's when Jey said I Quit.

Cut to now where Jimmys told Roman he wouldn't have ever said I Quit to Roman, no matter what. Roman then said this is what it's about, that he's still stuck on the past but he and Jey are moving forward.

"I'm not going to go back and forth with you It's simple. Fall in line, stand with us, and acknowledge me, or you can take your ass home. You can take your ass home, and when you turn on the tv, you'll have to explain to your kids why you're with them, watching the Tribal Chief, and The Uso."

Jimmy then dropped his microphone and headed out of the ring. He then walked away but stopped in his tracks, and Jey went out to talk to him. Jey then grabbed him and said if he just acknowledges him they could get back to their thing. Cesaro then ambushed Reigns but when Jey went to help Jimmy held him back for a minute. Then Jimmy went to attack Cesaro to help his brother, but Cesaro took all of them out and stood tall.


Cesaro then went after Roman and hit him with a Neutralizer and headed backstage with a smile.

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