WWE's Jimmy Uso Defies Roman Reigns and Issues Challenge to Cesaro on SmackDown

Jey Uso kicked off tonight's SmackDown as he called out his brother Jimmy after what happened last week. It didn't take long for Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman to join him, and then Jimmy came out so the party could get started. Jimmy was not apologetic in the least, and in fact had a shirt that said "nobody's b****" to show what he thought of Jey and Roman's dynamic. He then said he wasn't even sure if Reigns could beat Cesaro, and Reigns had to address it.

When Reigns asked if he really thought he couldn't beat Cesaro, Uso said "I don't think you can beat Cesaro".

"Let me guess you can right? You can do what I do," Reigns said. "You can fill my shoes?" Jimmy responded "No no, but together me and Jey can. Check this out. If we win the Tag Team Championships and you lose yours aren't we the head of the table then?"

Reigns got annoyed and went on a tirade about he was the head of the table and he had the company on his back. He then told Jimmy to "do what he does". "You're the man, right? I'll give you my shirt and you show the whole world that you can do what I do. You can do it tonight and just beat Cesaro. Can you beat him?"

Jimmy then called out Cesaro and challenged him, and then smiled at Reigns after he did, saying "Is that good?"

Cesaro then came out with a smile, saying "of course, challenge accepted! Hey Roman, look at me. I'm going to beat your cousin tonight, and then Sunday, I'm going to beat you for your Universal Championship."

Reigns was livid, and Jimmy was pretty happy about all of it.


While it's not official yet, it seems we will get a Jimmy Uso versus Cesaro match later tonight, and it will set the tone and the stage for the Roman vs Cesaro match at WrestleMania Backlash.

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